Transforming Indians to Transform India Poem written by a Teacher in Chinmaya International Residential School.

Transforming Indians to Transform India

In the interest of the nation… 14/08/12

Diwakar K.S. HOD /Dept of Social Science/s – CIRS

Trained minds can take India onward ;

Realizing noble ideals is a step forward.

Ageless culture is our possession.

No way, should we let it go in recession.

Science and Technology have grown in abundance;

From day one of our independence.

Ordeals and disharmony – manifests now and then;

Ruthless we should be in curbing it as and when.

Master-minded patriots prophesized a message;

India will illuminate – in the present age.

Nalanda revival – a timely venture.

Glory of Auroville is a seismic wave of conjuncture.


India is an ideal peace-lover’s domain.

Name it Project India, Vision India or Shining India.

Dawn of democracy and tranquility will emanate from Asia.

In the midst of troubles and turmoil;

All  that is needed is sheer power of will

Nation-building is the ship we sail.

Success is what we need to avail

Time has come for us to lead;

On top of the world, is the Indian Breed

Tainted leaders- show them the exit ;

Rejuvenated youth should often meet

All- round   development – we seek

Nation’s pride is what we reap.

Super human efforts lay in wait ;

Find a role which can take you to great height ;

On top of the Himalayas – chant India’s glory;

Reverberating success is a never ending story.

Mesmerize the world with relentless energy and no weariness.

Invite ideas, invoke blessing, ignite passion;

New dawn needs to be unveiled.

Deficient areas be sealed and not concealed.

Innovation should transcend in day week and month;

All stumbling blocks of our nation will turn into strength.

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