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VIDYA-DAAN – the highest form of DAAN and also Service to the Nation.

Physical fitness, Emotional maturity, Intellectual clarity, Spiritual depth, Cultural pride, Patriotic Dynamism & Universal Oneness are the need of the hour to empower the youth and our country. Chinmaya Mission has been conducting workshops on these 7 levels of Transformation in schools, colleges, educational institutions. The workshops are done absolutely FREE. Our trainers go to the institution, conduct the workshop, distribute the Transforming Indians to Transform India book to the students. If you would like to support us in this noble cause, please sponsor Rs.100/- per student. It includes the cost of the book, a band with a slogan – My Transformation Transforms the Nation, handouts that are distributed for activities, trainers’ travelling and other costs.
Eg. If you like to sponsor for 10 students, you can sponsor Rs.1000/- We need sponsorship for 30,000 books which we intend to distribute through our workshops.
Details of workshops already conducted are available on http://transformingindians.org/greater-mumbai/. You can contact us on mumbaichyk@gmail.com for more details. Please pass on this message to anyone interested in the cause of education

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