Press coverage by Indian Express of 17th November 2012 workshop,Chennai.

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra director Swami Mitrananda speaking at the function

‘Transforming oneself will transform India’. This was the motto with which the book ‘Transforming Indians to Transform India’ was released, kicking off the three-year birth centenary celebrations of Swami Chinmayananda Saraswati , founder of the Chinmaya Mission, here on Saturday.

Born on May 8, 1916, Swami Chinmayananda founded the Chinmaya Mission centre that has more than 300 branches all over the world. A nationwide family quiz, seminars in every district of the country and widespread rallies culminating in 2015, will mark the birth centenary celebrations spread over a period of three years.

The book, which was released by Swami Mitrananda, acharya of Chinmaya Mission Chennai, director of the All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, the Global Youth Wing of the Chinmaya Missions, illustrates how one can transform one’s country by first making transformations of oneself with seven short stories. “We carry that which we don’t need, burdening our country. Transforming ourselves will lead to a total transformation of the country. The book contains seven different ways to transform oneself – physical, emotional, cultural, spiritual, patriotic, intellectual and by developing a unique outlook,” he said.

The three-year movement will see a nationwide family quiz on all things India and Indian, while the second year will have seminars conducted across numerous districts on the topic of transforming oneself and the various ways one can do it, concentrating on the transformation of one’s health.  The final year of the movement will see rallies conducted by volunteers and members of the Chinmaya Mission, starting from different points in the country.  The last date for the registration for the quiz is January 31 and the national finals will be held in August, 2013.


Transforming Indians to Transform India Poem written by a Teacher in Chinmaya International Residential School.

Transforming Indians to Transform India

In the interest of the nation… 14/08/12

Diwakar K.S. HOD /Dept of Social Science/s – CIRS

Trained minds can take India onward ;

Realizing noble ideals is a step forward.

Ageless culture is our possession.

No way, should we let it go in recession.

Science and Technology have grown in abundance;

From day one of our independence.

Ordeals and disharmony – manifests now and then;

Ruthless we should be in curbing it as and when.

Master-minded patriots prophesized a message;

India will illuminate – in the present age.

Nalanda revival – a timely venture.

Glory of Auroville is a seismic wave of conjuncture.


India is an ideal peace-lover’s domain.

Name it Project India, Vision India or Shining India.

Dawn of democracy and tranquility will emanate from Asia.

In the midst of troubles and turmoil;

All  that is needed is sheer power of will

Nation-building is the ship we sail.

Success is what we need to avail

Time has come for us to lead;

On top of the world, is the Indian Breed

Tainted leaders- show them the exit ;

Rejuvenated youth should often meet

All- round   development – we seek

Nation’s pride is what we reap.

Super human efforts lay in wait ;

Find a role which can take you to great height ;

On top of the Himalayas – chant India’s glory;

Reverberating success is a never ending story.

Mesmerize the world with relentless energy and no weariness.

Invite ideas, invoke blessing, ignite passion;

New dawn needs to be unveiled.

Deficient areas be sealed and not concealed.

Innovation should transcend in day week and month;

All stumbling blocks of our nation will turn into strength.