Report for TITI workshops conducted in Pune

Hari Om and pranams!

We conducted the TITI workshop sessions for Chinmaya Mission members in Pune on 11th and 18th May, 2014. We covered the topics: Introduction to TITI, Physical transformation, Emotional transformation and Intellectual transformation on the first day i.e. 11th May. The second day i.e. 18th May, we covered the remaining topics: Cultural transformation, Spiritual transformation, Patriotic transformation and Universal Outlook. Each of these sessions/presentations lasted about 90 minutes with presentations, videos, activities and interaction with the audience. The sessions were held from morning 9 am to 5 pm on both the days.
We had around 9 members on 11th May and 5 members on 18th May, attending these workshops. The trainers who conducted these sessions were Shanker Ramanathan, Ravi Shetty, Mahesh Mohan and Taruun Vaidya. Most of the members who attended the sessions have agreed to become trainers.
We plan to conduct more such sessions in the future for interested trainers.