The Patriotic Meter

  1. If you are 18 years and above do you have a Voters ID ?

  2. Have you broken any traffic rules in the last one week ?

  3. When did the Jalianwalla Bagh massacre take place ?

  4. What was India’s Jan-March Quarter GDP growth rate in 2012 ?

  5. Have you ever participated in any social service projects?

  6. Have you showed your support to any people’s movement against corruption?

  7. Have you ever paid a bribe?

  8. Who was the first military officer to hold the highest rank of Field Marshal in the Indian Army?

  9. Do you keep up to date with current affairs in India?

  10. As per 2012 official estimates, how many Indians live below the poverty line?

  11. Have you taken steps to reduce your carbon footprint (e.g. conserving electricity and water) ?

  12. Have you visited any historical monuments of India?

  13. Have you ever planted a tree?

  14. Have you watched at least one patriotic film from the below list/

    1. The Legend of Bhagat Singh

    2. Gandhi

    3. Bose – The Forgotten Hero

    4. Any other patriotic movie in an Indian Regional Language

  15. If the Indian Government asks for citizens to come forward and do one year of service in the army, would you volunteer?

  16. What are the ‘7 Sister States’ of India?

  17. How many times has India won the gold medal for field hockey in the Olympics?

  18. What is the National tree of India ?


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