Our Vision

The vision is Transformation of a vast, vivid and vivacious nation. INDIA. Yes, India is in for a transformation. But how?

We are not doing something like building new airways or amending old laws! In fact we are doing something so potentially powerful that it almost bears in itself the inspired enthusiasm of a spark of fire. It has the power to ignite millions of minds, kindle magnanimous transformations, and set a ablaze a fire that can sweep through the nation and make it a new, a different, a Transformed India. We are only  transforming Indians.

A nation’s true transformation depends entirely on its people.  Hence our call to the nation is most direct:

“If Indians transform to become physically fit, emotionally strong, intellectually refined, culturally rooted, actively patriotic and spiritually uplifted with the vision of universal oneness, India will be revitalized.  Indians will not only gain at a personal level, but will be positive contributors to the society and the world at large” says Swami Mitrananda, the conceiver of the movement and a Director of All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, the Youth wing of Chinmaya Mission.


Why Transform Nation?

A nation with a magnificent past, India is notable on the world map today as the largest and most vibrant democracy, and a nation experiencing rapid economic development. India is sought-after for her cultural and spiritual depth, geographic and cultural diversity from snow-dusted mountains to sun-washed beaches, tranquil temples to feisty festivals, lantern-lit villages to software-supremo cities, it’s hardly surprising that this country has been dubbed the world’s most multidimensional.

In spite of this,

▪    India today is said to be the suicide capital of the world. The study done by Lancet shows that India contributed to 1, 87,000 deaths out of the total 9, 00,000 suicide deaths across the world in the year 2010.

▪    The youth of our country lack the strength to face challenging situations in life. In a country where 75% of the population is below 31 years of age, the youth are failing to get a strong foothold in finding their self worth and are unable to put skill into action due to their inability of going into details.

▪    23% of senior citizens do not live with their children* in our country. Lack of quality time spent amongst family members, rapid increase in divorce rates are all contributors to the dwindling of family system in the country.

▪     Our civic sense seems to lack sensitivity to environmental conditions prevailing in our own country. Litter and effluence spill and fill our roads and waterways. Our traffic sense is unique only to our nation. So much so it drives fear into any visitor. Why? The questions can go on.

A cause is needed to help Indians converge and fight together as a nation. Rare ones emerge on whose call the country comes together for a cause.

Indians time and again prove their intelligence and efficiency beyond doubt, and yet we find that when it comes to life skills, we lack in handling personal problems and the best in us does not come forth.

At Chinmaya Mission we believe in working at the cause level. The endeavor Transforming Indians to Transform India is to sow seeds enabling individual transformation, which will lead to transformation of India and eventually world redemption. It is common knowledge that a chain is as strong as its weakest link and therefore the awakening, nurturing and transforming process is not really one of choice rather; it is most urgent and important. A three year long project that would be conducted in three phases reaching out to as many Indians as possible, the project would have national level reach and is our little step towards sparking off the light for the change we would all like to see in our country.



1. Phase I: Transforming Indians to Transform India Quiz:

  • A National Level Quiz.
  • A book titled “Transforming Indians to Transform India” (TITI) which comprises of 7 short stories will be given to every participant. The book Transforming Indians to Transform India is compilation of 7 short stories which explore seven different dimensions of the human personality. The first three stories delve into the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of the individual person, empowering him to grow into a well-balanced human being. The next three stories expound on patriotism, culture and spirituality – qualities that characterize a civilized person and an advanced nation. The final story bestows a universal outlook on the reader, transforming him into a truly cosmic citizen. This book is an anthology of sophisticated ideas, practical tools and thought-provoking moments.
  • Expected reach is 30 lakh individuals.
  • Target participation is 5 lakh individuals.


The quiz will have three levels:

✔ District Level Qualifying rounds(two) & Finals

✔ State Level Qualifying round & Final

✔ National Level Qualifying round & Final

 2. Phase II: Transforming Indians to Transform India Seminars:

  • Two seminars in each district of India in the year 2014.
  • Topic: ‘Transforming Indians to Transform India’.
  • Seminars will be conducted for students in schools and college as well as general public.
  • Seminars will be conducted in English and regional languages.

 3. Phase III: Transforming Indians to Transform India National Rally:

  • In 2015, there will be a national rally starting from four different directions (North, South, East and West) of the country which will eventually converge in Hyderabad.
  • The rally will feature short talks delivered in various educational institutions and public talks.


Occasion & Vision behind organising the National Quiz:

Chinmaya Mission is celebrating Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji’s Birth Centenary Year between 8th May 2015 and 8th May 2016. Swami Chinmayanandaji was the founder of Chinmaya Mission, a worldwide spiritual organisation engaged in various activities for human development.  Swamiji was a visionary and a great leader who transformed the lives of lakhs of people all over the world. Chinmaya Mission is presently working in more than 300 centres across the world in 27 countries with thousands of dedicated full time monks (called as Acharyas) and innumerable Sevaks and Sevikas. It has various wings of service for all age-groups of people.

As part of these celebrations Chinmaya Mission has envisaged a three year movement – “Transforming Indians to Transform India”.

Chinmaya Mission has been working in the field of human education resulting into Transforming lives of many with the motto “Giving Maximum Happiness to Maximum people for Maximum time” as given by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji. Therefore, to hold programmes at the national level which would pioneer a process of transformation in a small way in the country is the need of the hour.

Hence we present a National Movement and Quiz “Transforming Indians to Transform India”

Transforming Indians to Transform India is a MOVEMENT and not an EVENT: -

An event is a onetime activity or a programme. Events create a temporary impact. There is no guarantee that a temporary impact would bring necessary boost to anyone or anything unless it is converted into a movement. In case of an event, the onus of responsibility for change lies solely on an individual. In case of a Movement, it is a concerted repeated effort of a group or an organisation to help individuals in concretizing the steps for change and harnessing the necessary boost for growth and prosperity.

A onetime event is easily forgotten but a movement is remembered. It is like an engine with extra thrust. It is therefore to consolidate the efforts that we want to make this as a Movement not just an Event!

The National organising Team of Transforming Indians to Transform India is backed by unflinching commitment to the growth and prosperity of the Nation through the growth and prosperity of the Individuals. Drawing from the great Vision of Swami Chinmayanandaji, who tirelessly worked for the all-round growth of the individuals all over the world, we designed this National Movement and Quiz.

Swami Chinmayanandaji would often say ‘You change, the world around you will change’. He also emphasised on the need of right kind of education that transforms the Individual. Swamiji inspired scores of people to work for the society by providing vision and enough wisdom to draw plans for the revival of the country. Nevertheless the impact of Swamiji’s teachings is seen in many, who have become ‘refined’ individuals contributing to the growth of their families, immediate society around and also the organisations that they work for.

Carrying on HIS vision, Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanadaji has been providing the members all over the world consistent motivation to serve selflessly. It is Poojya Guruji who gave shape to the whole programme. Apart from Guruji, it is the Regional Heads of Chinmaya Mission and the monks of Chinmaya Mission who not only encouraged us to go ahead with this programme, but have pledged themselves to work for the success of the Quiz, supported by a strong team of volunteers.