Another round of Training the Trainers for Transforming Indians to Transform India was held on in the weekdays afternoon. Physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and patriotic transformation covered through talks, quiz, activities, group discussion, meditation, exercises etc. on 10th,11th,16th,17th,18th, 29th, 30th Sept and 1st october



Last session of Transforming Indians to Transform India Trainer’s Training was held on 14th September. Universal Transformation and Public Speaking was covered. Many trainers have volunteered to conduct workshops and committed time during the weekdays in the daytime.

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Transforming Indians to Transform India Trainers’ Training -session 2.

Intellectual transformation conducted by S Aravind Raghavan and Spiritual Transformation conducted by Swami Swatmananda. 31st Aug 2014

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Workshops to train the trainers on Transforming Indians to Transform India started today! 25 Participants were trained on Physical Transformation and Emotional Transformation.24 August 2014

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Train the Trainer’s Workshop for TITI            22nd and 23rd March 2014

Transforming Indians to Transform India(TITI) is a National movement launched in 2012 across India. Its a nation building movement which is based on the vision ‘My Transformation Transforms the Nation’.
In the first phase in 2012-13, a book was released on TITI and a national quiz was held where 1.5lakh families participated. In the 2nd Phase in 2014-15 we will be having workshops on 7 levels of Transformation in schools, colleges, corporates, societies, clubs etc.
A Train the Trainer workshop was held on 22nd and 23rd March 2014 at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya Powai for the centres in Maharashtra & Gujarat.
85 people ready to transform themselves and others registered themselves for the workshop from mumbai. Chinmaya Mission centres in Maharashtra – Pune, Sangli, Nagpur, Tarapur, Dombivli, Gujarat – Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar also represented with either/both Acharya & members.
The following Acharyas were present for the training: Swami Swatmananda, Br.Pavan Chaitanya from Chinmaya Bhakti – Borivli, Br.Ved Chaitanya from Chinmaya Prerana – Navi Mumbai, Br.Yukt Chaitanya from Chinmaya Mahima – Mahim, Brni.Nidhi Chaitanya from Chinmaya Prakash – Andheri, Brni.Anupama Chaitanya from Jamnagar, Br.Samaatma Chaitanya from Bhavnagar, Br.Prajwal Chaitanya from Ahmedabad, Brni.Sandhya Chaitanya from Sangli, Acharya Snehalji from Nagpur, Acharya Vivek & Varsha from Dombivli
It was an intensive workshop, with 4 levels covered on the first day, and the remaining 3 on the second day. There was also a follow up program held on 30th March, for the attendees from Mumbai.
In the inaugural address Shri Mukul Patel, President of Chinmaya Mission Mumbai encouraged everyone present to get trained and take the vision of Poojya Gurudev forward. He promised all support from Chinmaya Mission Mumbai for this, especially to all centres from Maharashtra & Gujarat.

Swami Swatmananda said – Train. Teach. Transform were the 3 words to define the objective of this training which aimed to have atleast 250 trainers in West-Zone so that maximum workshops could be conducted. To achieve this objective the trainings will be held in different zones of Mumbai also. Trainer’s training has already been conducted successfully in Chennai, Coimbatore, Kerala, Goa & Delhi.

Different field experts from Chinmaya Mission were called to do the presentations in their respective areas. For example, a dietician and nutrition expert Ms.Akshata Mallya took up Physical Transformation for the audience, an NLP specialist and outdoor experiential learning teacher Shri Prasad Deole took up Intellectual Transformation, Emotional and Spiritual Transformation were taken by Swami Swatmananda, Patriotic Transformation was conducted by 2 IITans – Shri Ramkumar & Shri Aravind Raghavan, Cultural Transformation was done by a post-graduate in social-work – Ms.Nimisha Nair & Universal Outlook was conducted by two yuvaveers serving presently – Anaghaa Venugopal (engineer) & Ankita Siraswar(Science Graduate).
The workshop was executed very well through powerpoints, activities, handouts etc. The team of CHYKs, Yuvaveers & Elders in Chennai have made the content. Each of the trainers were motivated to make a difference in their own way, in schools, colleges and corporate houses, as much as they could.
Various teams were formed for each level and the content was sent to the participants to go through their chosen level of transformation. On 30th march, training & exercises in public speaking were also conducted by Brni.Nidhi Chaitanya and zonal teams were formed with commitments of the trainers to conduct the workshops ONLY under Chinmaya Mission.
The trainers go through a 3 step process to get qualified:
Go through a Training session & Public speaking training
Give a written test on their module
Do a presentation in front of a panel
Anyone clearing the above will be a Chinmaya Mission recognised TITI Trainer.
There are zonal training programs to be held in the following parts of Mumbai within the next 2 months:
South Mumbai
Lokhandwala (Chinmaya Prakash)
Navi Mumbai (Chinmaya Prerana)
Mahima & Santacruz
One may contact the respective Zonal Presidents for information on the above or email We encourage maximum members to come forward to get trained and take the message to maximum people as per the motto of Chinmaya Mission.
These zonal programs will not only help to spread the noble message of Transforming individuals to transform the Nation, but also has the potential to build strong and committed groups of people in every zone. The younger generation & professionals, home-makers will find it useful & join the mission. This will build the future of the mission too. Let us come together to make this a reality.
The workshops will begin from June 2014 and can be held till December 2015. We also request the members to come forward and inform us of their personal connections in any educational institutions, corporates, clubs etc. and help in organising the workshops in such places.

Along with a team of trainers we also need volunteers who can do the administrative work/organising work in the background to prepare and conduct these workshops in various institutions. Interested volunteers may mail –
The 7 levels of transformation deserve to be reached to maximum number of people. Every child, collegian and corporate professional will be thankful for having transformed his/her life. Let us put Mother India above ourselves. Let us transform ourselves, and then others. Because I’m not just an Indian, I AM INDIA!

- Report by Yuvaveer Anaghaa Venugopal        

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