An All Goa seminar on TITI 2nd phase was organized by Chinmaya Mission Ponda by Swami Swatmananda on 1st n 2nd Feb 2014 in Chinmaya Aradhana Ashram Ponda Goa. Swami Swatmananda guided the 60 participants on 4 levels of transformation via. Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Patriotic. Swamiji through his interesting Power Point presentations, games and exercises drow the point in the minds of the participants. The basic outline of how to conduct seminars on the above topics was given.
Swami Sughoshananda, Swami Prakarshananda, Brni. Dharana Chaitanya and Br. Badrish Chaitanya were also present on the occasion.
In the last session 10 participants were asked to present a short presentation on the 4 levels of transformation taught during the seminar.

The seminar left everyone inspired to carry forward the message of transform.

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