Launch at Kolkata held on the 17th of September 2012 at Calcutta Cricket and Football Club (CC&FC)

Show Stoppers of the Launch

Across the country, there are already people who have undergone a personal transformation and are, even now, working in various areas for the progress of the Nation. These are people who did not wait for policies to change, for mind- sets to change, for governments to change. They did not blame the Universe for their lot in life but instead took what they had and shaped it into something beautiful. On this occasion, Chinmaya Mission Kolkata chose to recognise the achievements of some of these ‘Real Transformers’, people who epitomize the ideals of Transforming Indians to Transform India. Here’s a brief upon each of these ‘Great Indians’ who where felicitated by the Swamijis and various heads of industry:

Profiles’ of the Real Show-stoppers

Sri B. D. Sharma

Prison Reformist. Introduced path-breaking reforms like ‘culture therapy’ where inmates underwent training in arts. Initiated a programme for the education of prisoners’ children, which is today an integral part of the State’s Prison Reforms Programme.

Sri Vinayak Lohani

This young man who is a graduate from IIT-Kharagpur and IIM-Joka chose to use his talents and expertise in a field few youngsters care to venture- Service! He founded Parivaar- an institute dedicated to education and upbringing of children from low socio-economic backgrounds. Parivaar today, houses 675 children, has day-education facilities for hundreds more and mentors and supports similar organizations in the interiors of Bengal and Jharkhand.

Smt. Kavneet Khullar

The founder and principal of a very unique school, Akshar in Kolkata. Started off as an experiment but is now considered a model in inclusive education. At Akshar, a child is a child irrespective of his/ her disabilities and difficulties. Here, children with special need study alongside children with regular needs. The education of every child is customized according to his / her particular requirements.

Sri P. M. John

A man who is older than India and who has, since the inception of the Nation, done much for the lot of the homeless and the deprived since Partition. Founded Janata Medical cell which provided medical services to the poor. Another initiative of his is Antara, a centre for treatment and rehabilitation of the mentally ill, drug addicts and alcoholics. Today, Antara has facilities for treating 200 in-patients with 225 staffs to look after them consisting of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychiatric Social workers and nurses.

Dr (Smt) Kanchan Gaba

Even words would fail in defining this woman’s determination and spirit! Lost her eyesight at the tender age of 8 years. She did not sit down and curse her fate but went on to literally, scale mountain after mountain. Keen Sportswoman and a Rock Climber, and has been a part of various expeditions. Early on, she won the ‘Best Girl Guide in the World’ and was presented this award by Queen Elizabeth II. She is a law graduate with special expertise in Intellectual Property Law. Kanchan has worked on a year-long research project on the plight of women prisoners in Bengal. Her work was supported by the Scholar of Peace award from the Foundation for Universal Responsibility, an NGO headed by the Dalai Lama. She feels strongly motivated to transform the social mindset that takes blind or visually impaired people for granted, or views them as fit only for charity.

Sri Pushkar Lal Kedia

Sri Pushkarlal Kedia is a renowned philanthropist, who has mentored many well-known social service institutions like Nagarik Swastha Sangh, Sri Vishudhananda Hospital and Manishika. He has been honored with the President’s awards twice and has received innumerable awards, honors and felicitations in West Bengal and at the National level. He has also authored numerous informative books on character building of Indian youth and the confluence of science and culture.

Comments of some of the Special Invitees/Guests:

Transforming Indians to Transform India is about transforming your ideas, your thoughts, your vision and thus making a difference to the life of others- Mr. Rohit Hegde

Like they say, every drop makes the ocean. It’s each one of us who has to make it a movement. So, I’m walking off from here and I run a school and I hope I can pass whatever I’ve heard from here to those individuals that I have. It is now on me to take the movement forward- Mrs. Kavneet Khullar

Transforming Indians to Transform India is nothing short of personal change of outlook in life. It can’t be said but it has to be acted upon. A change comes from the mind, out of feeling and concern. So unless and until that happens, change can’t happen- Mr. P.M.John

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Launch in Kolkata


There should be only one question, I must transform. You say YES and India will transform -Swami Mitrananda