A brief Report of Conference titled “T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M” held in Delhi NCR region on Wednesday, 30th January, 2013

T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M – a conference of educationists was held at the Delhi Chinmaya Mission, Lodhi Road, on January 30th 2013 with over100 principals and senior teachers of leading schools participating in the two hour programme as part of the national movement – Transforming Indians to Transform India (TITI).   It began with a short introduction by the CHYKS to TITI and the Chinmaya Mission Yuva Kendra – throwing light on the role of the teacher-student relationship and the relevance of the teacher in shaping the students’ moral and ethical values, so important in today’s modern society.

Swami Nikhilananda, Acharya, Chinmaya Mision Delhi – in his welcoming note to the participating educationists, gave a wonderful example of a father giving his son a large torn world map with the request to fit in the pieces! To the father’s amazement the boy finished the task within minutes! On being asked how he did it, he simply replied that he joined the pieces of a picture of a man on the reverse side and the world map got fixed automatically!  Fix yourself and the world fits into place!

Swami Chidrupananda, Acharya, Chinmaya Mission, Noida, took the audience through the seven levels of transformation mentioned in the book and encouraged all to read and discuss it with their students. He mentioned the absence of national pride in the hearts of the young; the increase of aggressive and insensitive behavior; how ‘career-knowledge’ was given more stress at the expense of ‘life-knowledge’; how the system trains the young to be like everyone else losing the need to be unique. He asked the members of the audience to encourage national pride in their students and inculcate the intense desire to transform. This in itself would gradually lead to actual transformation at all levels.

A question and answer interactive session ensued whereby certain doubts and apprehensions faced by the educationists in implementing TITI were cleared.   Interesting issues were discussed like introducing the book in libraries and making it a part of the educational curriculum in schools.  A video presentation on the vision of the TITI movement was shown. Another clipping was presented in which eminent people like Swami Tejomayananda, Worldwide Head, Chinmaya Mission and Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who served as the 11th President of India, were shown speaking about the movement. The success stories of the TITI programme were also shown by way of visuals. Teachers and principals of Delhi who have actively taken this movement forward in their respective institutions were honored by Swami Nikhilananda. In conclusion a CHYK member explained the methodology of filling in the forms for the quiz.

The conference concluded with tea and snacks. It was a successful event in which over 50 Delhi schools were represented.


Personal Experience of Br. Samaatma Chaitanya during Transforming Indians to Transform India Presentation at Aditya Birla Schools, Amreli district, Gujarat.


Transforming Indians to Transform India  Presentation Report

      (Aditya Birla Schools, Amreli district, Gujarat)

  • I visited two Aditya Birla Schools in Amreli district (Jafrabad&Kovaya) on 4th Feb. 2013.

Birla School, Jafrabad

  • First I went to Jafrabadschool& met Principla Sri KiranTiwari.
  • Principal, teaching staff and students gave a warm welcome. I gave TITI presentation along with Gurudev’s clip and TITI theme song clip to assembled students of Grade 5 to 12 (around 500).
  • Apart from TITI presentation, I explained importance of wholesome education, and how one can acquire it.
  • I also encouraged teaching faculties to take part in TITI quiz and there by motivate students to enroll for TITI.
  • Principal Sri KrianTiwari appealed students and faculties to take active part in this unique initiative of Chinmaya Mission and thereby be taking step forward to be a responsible citizen of India.
  • So far, total 215 TITI registrations are noted from Birla School, Jafrabad.


Birla School, Kovaya

  • Principal Smt. Raji Jaya Prasad, teaching faculties and students gave a warm welcome. Around 700 students along with their teachers were assembled.
  • I talked about harnessing our inner potential by knowing our subtle instruments followed by guiding inner force in desired direction.
  • I explained about TITI book, quiz format & book’s usefulness in building a well-integrated personality.
  • Principal Smt. Raji Jaya Prasad appealed assembled students and teaching staff for active participation in TITI.
  • So far, total 60 TITI registrations are noted from Birla School, Kovaya.


Thank you,

Hari Om,




Transforming Indians to Transform India ADITYA BIRLA SCHOOL REPORT (Gujarat) by Deepak Menon

Transforming Indians to Transform India  ADITYA BIRLA SCHOOL REPORT (Gujarat)


  • TITI at Aditya Birla Public School (Dahej & Kosamba)

–          Swami.Deveshanandaji along with Deepak Menon (Chyk Secretary) and Saurabh Chandran (Yuvaveer) visited the Aditya Birla School on 29-1-13 and the met the Principal of both the school i.e. Smt.Nirupama Kapoor (Dahej) & Shri.Sunil Kumar (Kosamba).


  • Dahej & Kosamba:


–          Swamiji addressed the students from Class 2 to Class 11th ,overall number of students being  1000+,wherein he interacted the what is need the for transformation? How can transformation happen in India?

–          In his talk he emphasized on the vision and mission (Pujya Gurudev Swami.Chinamayananda) TITI i.e. In individual Transformation lies transformation of the nation “ My Transformation, Transforms Nation”

–          Further a brief description of the book talking about  7 steps of Transformation which every individual need to take to bring transformation in Himself leading to Transformation of our Nation.

–          Lastly the inspiring Video & Power Point Presentation by Deepak Menon of Titi was shown to the students which inspired the students as well the teachers of the school.

–          We received lot of adulation and consistent applauds from all the students and teachers of the school.

–          Smt.Nirupama Kapoor and Shri.Sunil Kumar  thanked Swamiji and his team for motivating the students to participate in this Nation building cause “ Transforming Indians To Transform India”, also has assured to back  to us the with huge participation in this quiz.


Till now 338 students participated from Aditya Birla Public Schoo, Dahej and waiting for response from other schools


In the Service of the Nation,

Deepak Menon.

Personal Experience of Br.Kedar Chaitanyaji during various Transforming Indians to Transform India(TITI) events across Goa.

Dear TITI Team
Hari Om! Pranams!

In Goa I have started visiting schools, Higher Secondary Schools, Colleges and housing colonies to promote the TITI quiz. I give one hour presentation covering the Gurudev’s work, TITI book contents and its importance, quiz format, prizes, and show some inspiring videos on love, patriotism, service, on poojya Gurudev and TITI  video sent by Swatmanandaji. I appoint one staff member as coordinator in the school, college etc and handover the books and bands to them, take his/her signature on the register. Ask him/her to maintain the account. His/her name is announced during the presentation for students to know whom to contact. At the end of the talk coloured pamphlates are distributed to students. A banner and two posters are also given to the Principal for display.

So far I have reached out to over 3000 students in Ponda alone covering 10 HSS, Schools and college. I am really enjoying my work and a sence of fulfilment fills my heart. Mr. Shailesh Sanjgiri (Curchorem Centre), Ms. Sandhya Kamat, Nagaraj Bhai,Ms. Sushma Khandeparkar ( Panaji Centre) Yojana Zambaulikar, Mrs. Shobha Borkar (Madgaon Centre), Kiran Desai (Vasco Centre) and Mr. Dilip Kumar Shirodkar (Mapusa Centre) Mrs. Gauri Nayak, Mamata Kumari, Mr Shashikant Desai (Ponda Centre) are doing excellent work with the support of their other team members in promoting the quiz.

The All Goa TITI volunteers training Programme by Swami Swatmanandaji last month on 19th was also a great Success. I was also interviewed by Goa News line chennel on 10th Dec for TITI quiz awareness in Goa. It was aired on 12th Dec in Goa.

Today I had been to Govt High school for TITI Presentation. And the sctudents were so much inspired that they were literally shouting that they want more though the time was up.29 registrations followed the talk. They came asking for my autograph which was a unique thing for me in last 13 years. All HIS grace.
With Prem and Om
In His Seva
Br. Kedar Chaitanaya

Br. Kedar Chaitanya
Chinmaya Aradhana Ashram,
Near LIC office, Khadpabandh Ponda Goa.
403 401


A brief Report of All Goa Transforming Indians to Transform India(TITI) Volunteers Training Programme conducted by Swami Swatmanandaji

Swami Swatamandaji conducted an All Goa TITI Volunteers Training programme at Chinmaya Aradhana Ashram, Ponda Goa on Sunday 18thNov 2012 from 9.30 am to 5.30pm. Over 40 volunteers from Ponda, Panaji, Mapusa, Madgaon, Curchorem and Vasco Centres attended the above programme. Br. Kedar Chaitanya welcomed the Acharyas and the mission members and also introduced the Acharyas present ie Swami Swatmanandaji , Brni. Dharana Chaitanya( Panaji Centre) and Br. Badrish Chaitanya (Curchorem Centre). He also gave a brief report of the TITI work that has happened in Goa since August 2012 till date.

Thereafter the charge was handed over to Swami Swatmanandaji to carry on the training programme. Swamiji made a very inspiring Powerpoint Presentation (PPT) on various aspects of the quiz. Swamiji emphasized that we should focus on the transformation aspect of the book rather than participating in the quiz. This is because many people are not interested in the quiz so they do not go for the book. He also showed some inspiring videos by Poojya Gurudev and other personalities.

In the subsequent sessions Swamiji elaborately explained each story and the focus areas there of.

In the post lunch session the participants discussed on various methods how to promote the book. Everyone gave their suggestions. In the last session the participants were asked to give a 5 minutes presentation on how they will promote the quiz in their centres.

 Thus the programme was very effective and was represented by each Mission centre of Goa. Programme concluded with Shati Path and Mission Pledge.

All Gujarat TITI Meeting Report.

·       The Second All Gujarat Meet for Transforming Indians to Transform India was held on 25th November 2012.
·       Vadodara CM hosted the meet at one of the well known Auditorium of Vadodara – The Vasvik hall.
·       Volunteers, trustees, CHYKS and mission members from various Chinmaya Mission centres of Gujarat like Ahemdabad, Bhavnagar, Surat, Jamnagar, Surendranagar and Vaododara attended the meet.
·       The session was blessed by the presence of Pujya Swami Deveshanandji from Vadodara, Br. Samatma Chaitanyaji from Bhavnagar, Br. Atharvana Chaitanyaji from Ahemdabad and Shri Baldevbhai Barot (Mamashri).
·       The meet began with a welcome address by Smt Umaben Purohit, the Treasurer of Chinmaya Mission Vadodara.
·       After the welcome address and Introduction, a short briefing on the previous meet that was held in the month of September 2012 was done by Pooja Shah with Minutes Of the meeting and a few glimpses of that session.
·       There were presentations made by representatives from various centres regarding the work done and activities carried out by them for promotion and propaganda of TITI and hence getting registrations.
i.e,Urja from Ahmedabad,Arik from Surat,Br.Samatmaji from Bhavnagar, Ravi from Surendranagar, Smt. Smitaben from Jamnagar and Deepak from Vadodara.
·       Each centre shared their ideas and strategies to get maximum registrations hence inspiring the other centres.
·       After the presentations, an open session for discussion and sharing of problems and difficulties that were faced or the possible difficulties while carrying out the work was held.
·       The volunteers addressed their concerns and these were discussed well with a lot of guidance from the Acharyas.
·       Thereafter, Haituk Patel, a CHYK of Vadodara, took us through the presentation and video of TITI and shared a few guidelines to be taken care while approaching institutions for TITI. He also presented the short video on TITI made by the Vadodara centre.
·       The acharyas inspired and motivated the volunteers to gear up, work hard and put in their best for TITI by their words of wisdom.
·       The session concluded with the song “Dhanya Dhanya” and the mission Pledge.
There was a mahaprasad(lunch) after the session which was relished and enjoyed by all.
Pooja Shah CHYK-Vadodara

Book Launch On 14th – 15th September ‘12 at Sir Sayajirao Nagar Gruh, Vadodara,Gujarat.

The TITI Book was launched very successfully at the blessed hands of Pujya Guruji on 14th September 2012 during the Gyan Yagna at Sir Sayajirao Nagar Gruh, Vadodara, in front of a hall packed audience. Pujya Guruji also announced that a presentation on the TITI quiz format would be made on 15th September 2012 and gave his blessings for the same. Pujya Guruji also confirmed registrations open for the TITI quiz. On 15th September’12 Swami Deveshanandji gave the introductory remarks regarding the vision of the movement: “My Transformation Transforms Nation.” and Dr Avani Umatt made a power point presentation on the TITI quiz format. There were 40registrations on the spot.

TITI book launch by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandji

TITI book launch by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandji

Various TITI Book Launch events in Gujarat.

  • On 19th August ‘12 at Somnath Devasthan Trust, Saurashtra,Gujarat.

The President of Sompura Brahmin Association launched the TITI Book and Gujarat received special blessings from Somnath Bhagawan. More than 500 students, parents and other special invitees of the Pathashala attended this programme.

  • On 26th August ‘12 at Baroda High School, Alkapuri, Vadodara,Gujarat.

Smt. Prema Raghavan (Owner of Vijay Tanks) and Shri Jagdish Shukla (Trustee of
Baroda High School) jointly launched by The TITI Book during the final round of
Geeta Chanting Competition, Vadodara in the esteemed presence of management Guru Shri. P. Narayan, invited dignitaries, principals of different schools, along with 170 GCC finalist and their parents-a packed audience of approximately 700 people.


Book Launch On 15th August ‘12 at Vadodara,Gujarat.

  • On 15th August ‘12 at Uma Vidyalaya, Tarsali, Vadodara

After Flag Hoisting program at 10:00 am, the TITI Book was successfully launched by Shri Narendra Patel (Trustee of Uma Vidyalaya) and Shri K C Patel (One of the biggest builders of Gujarat) during the Geeta Chanting Competition, where children and staff members were present in large numbers.

  • On 15th August ‘12 at Urmi School & Hostel, Sama – Savli , Vadodara

The TITI Book was successfully launched by Smt Renukaben (Principal of Urmi
School) in presence of principals, supervisors, staff members parents and students of
different units of Urmi School & Hostel (BRG Group); during the Geeta Chanting
Competition. Swami Deveshanandji explained about TITI quiz and many present
showed keen interest for registration of the same.


Transforming Indians to Transform India Poem written by a Teacher in Chinmaya International Residential School.

Transforming Indians to Transform India

In the interest of the nation… 14/08/12

Diwakar K.S. HOD /Dept of Social Science/s – CIRS

Trained minds can take India onward ;

Realizing noble ideals is a step forward.

Ageless culture is our possession.

No way, should we let it go in recession.

Science and Technology have grown in abundance;

From day one of our independence.

Ordeals and disharmony – manifests now and then;

Ruthless we should be in curbing it as and when.

Master-minded patriots prophesized a message;

India will illuminate – in the present age.

Nalanda revival – a timely venture.

Glory of Auroville is a seismic wave of conjuncture.


India is an ideal peace-lover’s domain.

Name it Project India, Vision India or Shining India.

Dawn of democracy and tranquility will emanate from Asia.

In the midst of troubles and turmoil;

All  that is needed is sheer power of will

Nation-building is the ship we sail.

Success is what we need to avail

Time has come for us to lead;

On top of the world, is the Indian Breed

Tainted leaders- show them the exit ;

Rejuvenated youth should often meet

All- round   development – we seek

Nation’s pride is what we reap.

Super human efforts lay in wait ;

Find a role which can take you to great height ;

On top of the Himalayas – chant India’s glory;

Reverberating success is a never ending story.

Mesmerize the world with relentless energy and no weariness.

Invite ideas, invoke blessing, ignite passion;

New dawn needs to be unveiled.

Deficient areas be sealed and not concealed.

Innovation should transcend in day week and month;

All stumbling blocks of our nation will turn into strength.