About the Book

Seven spellbinding stories, one audacious goal. Transforming Indians to Transform India takes its first, bold step through this compilation of short stories which explore seven different dimensions of the human personality which, when honed, will birth a complete citizen and with him, a new society. The first story lights the spark of patriotism in the reader. The next three stories delve into the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of the individual person, empowering him to grow into a well-balanced human being, ready to serve his nation. The final three stories expound on culture, spirituality and universal outlook – aspects that characterize a civilized person and an advanced society. As a collection, the stories transform the reader into a truly cosmopolitan citizen who can see beyond borders – both in his personal life and in his vision of society.

This book is an anthology of sophisticated ideas, practical tools and thought-provoking moments.

Fearless Footprints

The elders had said, at the turn of time, when darkness turns two shades darker, the winds of change would begin to blow. It is at that darkest hour that THE ONE will arrive to lift the veil of darkness and light the fire of transformation. For years, people had waited for the prophecy to come true. Around street corners, at the local chai shop, in the parliament house and during dinner parties…stories of THE ONE had been whispered from trembling lips to anxious ears. Everyone had heard, but only the faithful believed. There had been many hoaxes in the past, but this time, the feeling was different. Who is THE ONE who has come to transform India? Do you want to find out?


Manu is middle-aged, balding and pretty darn boring until one day, his worst nightmare comes true. An average IT professional from Kochi turns into a national legend when he discovers, mostly by accident, how to grow from fragility to agility, and turns tragedy into triumph. Manu’s story shows us how we too can start living life to the fullest.

The Voices in Her Head

When her army-captain husband must leave her just weeks after their marriage to report for duty in Kashmir, Sandhya’s world comes crashing down around her. The young bride spirals downwards into a rut of emotions, almost destroying herself and her relationships. Listen to the voices in her head, as Sandhya slowly learns to face her fears, to quieten her anger, to make sacrifices, to love unconditionally, to give of herself… Meet her noble husband, Captain Shashank, her wise friend, Sameera, her sobbing neighbour, Brinda, her earnest daughter, Salonee, her compassionate mentor, Major Poonacha, and everyone else who touches her life and teaches her to do the same for the others.

The Razor’s Edge

“Someone shut the damn alarm off!” Thomas yelled as he prepared to leave the spacecraft. The alarm had, by now, started announcing how much time they had left…to live.

Mission Suryayan could be the answer to the global energy crisis. But does Captain Arun Dev, better known as AD, and his team have it in them to pull through the biggest challenge of their lives? Stranded in outer space, the astronauts must calculate their every move. When it comes down to life or death, can they hold on to a higher vision and complete the mission?

In-Significant Desiland

A group of American-Born Indians arrive from New York for the biggest cultural festival of the year – Kala Tarang 2014. Travel with them as they journey across India and discover the enigma and charm of the most ancient, living civilization in the world. Slowly, they start to realize the beauty and depth of the intricate culture which has caught the imagination of countless poets, thinkers, scientists and philosophers.

Quest for the Unseen

The Seekers are on a cross-country quest for treasure. The nation watches as the flag is waved and the team sets off on the trip of a lifetime. As they struggle to decode each mysterious clue they come across, they find themselves sinking deeper and deeper into spiritual waters. A few wrong turns and dead-ends later, the pressure gets to the team. Siya starts to wonder if there’s more to the game than meets the eye. Either way, the hunt is on.

Imaginary Roots, Imaginary Routes

Sometimes, a chance meeting might just turn your life around. Waiting for a ferry at Fancy Bazaar Ghat in Guwahati, Assam, strangers become acquaintances. And by the time the ferry reaches Peacock Island, acquaintances become thick friends. We look at everyone we meet through a certain lens, but some people we meet alter the very lens through which we look at life. We are all but co-travellers in the journey of life. We each have different roots, and different routes. But along the way, we bump into each other; we might share a smile, maybe a good conversation. But then, we must be on our way again, for there is more to see, more to learn, and much, much more to grow.


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