Chinmaya Mission

Spirituality without superstitions. Commitment without binding. Freedom without licentiousness. That’s Chinmaya Mission.

Knowledge beyond education. Evolution beyond growth. Convictions beyond passion. That’s Chinmaya Mission.

Service inspired by Spirituality. Activity inspired by Calmness. Wisdom inspired by Inner Silence. That’s Chinmaya Mission.


Chinmaya Mission is not just an organization. Chinmaya Mission is a movement to Eternity, a noble resolve, a sacred journey, a highway to Happiness within and without. The logic of spirituality and the science of living, declared in Advaita Vedanta is the biggest contribution of Chinmaya Mission to the world at large. The principle of world-harmony and universal-happiness through individual transformation and mutual understanding is the basis of the Vision of Vedanta and so also of Chinmaya Mission.

More than 300 centers across the world, presence in 25 countries across the globe, more than 60 years of socio-spiritual service, more than 350 monks & tens of thousands of volunteers working tirelessly for years, millions of lives touched and transformed through one Vision, one Mission – The Chinmaya Mission.

Everything we do, all that we think, and each endeavour we undertake is based on our motto:

“To give maximum happiness to maximum people for maximum time.”


“World transformation through Individual Transformation! The world can only be changed by the spiritual unfoldment of each individual – not by political revolution, but by spiritual evolution.” – Swami Chinmayananda

The knowledge of Vedantas is used to inspire people of all age-groups and interests in a method most relevant to them.

Chinmaya Mission’s programs aim at achieving personal excellence and social responsibility in all people cutting across age-groups through…

  • Balavihar for children
  • Yuva Kendra for the youth
  • Study groups and Devi groups for the adults
  • Vanaprastha Samsthan for senior citizens
  • Chinmaya Swaranjali for the Musically-inclined

In these forums of learning, individuals with varied personality-types from myriad backgrounds, discuss the principles of Vedanta amongst themselves, and finally grow continuously towards lasting happiness and peace.


“Work is Love Made Visible” – Swami Chinmayananda

Chinmaya Mission is engaged in diverse fields of activity towards nation-building, cultural revival and service to society, and provides a huge platform for service at 6 levels…

1)    TRANSFORM INDIVIDUAL LIVES: You can be an instrument of change in the life of any individual by helping/facilitating/hosting weekly learning forums

2)    INSPIRE THE MASSES: You can touch and transform millions by lending your heart and hand to the organizing of mega events, camps, workshops, corporate events, talks, yagnas, etc.

3)    EDUCATION & HEALTHCARE: You can teach in one of the 75 Chinmaya Vidyalayas, serve at the Chinmaya Mission Hospital, organize Chinmaya Arogya Seva programs, and more…

4)    RURAL PROJECTS: You can contribute your time, efforts and love to the activities of CORD (Chinmaya Organisation of Rural Development) which has adopted more than 500 villages, empowered women, set up self-employment groups, rural banking, etc. in Himachal Pradesh, Orissa, andhrapradesh, Tamilnadu etc.

5)    BREAK OUT & REACH OUT:  You can serve also in many innovative and creative ways by participating in cultural research at Chinmaya International Foundation(CIF), writing & editing material for the hundreds of magazines/books/publications etc.

6)    SERVE LOCAL, GROW GLOBAL: Volunteer at one of the 300 centers of Chinmaya Mission in administrative or other activities as per need and interest.


“Our vision shall comprehend all mankind, all nations, societies and communities. Mankind is the theme of our devotion; he is our field of our worship.” – Swami Chinmayananda

Chinmaya Mission is actively engaged in nation-building and revival of our culture and heritage through extra-ordinary endeavours and unconventional projects like:

1. Awakening Indians to India– A Nationwide quiz contest which reached out to 10 lakh youngsters and awakened them to the glory of India. The quiz was also telecast on Zee TV and mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records.

2. Upanishad Ganga – The first ever TV serial on Vedanta, telecast every Sunday 10am on Doordarshan National Channel DD-1, inspires millions every week.

3. Youth Empowerment Programme(YEP) – A value-based leadership program for youngsters wishing to serve the country

4. Transforming Indians to Transform India – A unique initiative to publish a book, organize a family quiz, do a rally and transform the country  – not by amending laws or changing names of cities – but by transforming the most important person in the country – the Indian.


“The Chinmaya Mission will never teach you anything. But it is an organization where all come together to learn. The Science of Reality and the path of God Realisation are the main subjects that you will learn in the Chinmaya Institution. There are also subsidiary attempts such as sharpening your personality, blazing your intellect, oiling your emotions, refitting your relationships, recharging your convictions, replenishing your values – in short, you will DIE and in your place a more brilliant person will be born. If your are ready for this Self-resurrection, come to the cavalry – The Chinmaya Mission.” – Swami Chinmayananda

Chinmaya Mission offers several courses for people to study spirituality, get inspired and serve the society….

  • Youth Empowerment Programme(YEP) – A value-based leadership program for youngsters wishing to serve the country
  • Dharma Sevak Courses for householders wishing to pursue spiritual study and service
  • Purohit Courses for those seeking to perform traditional rituals with understanding and devotion,
  • Samaj Sevak Course for those who want to be professionally trained in doing rigrous social service especially in rural India
  • Residential Vedanta Courses in various languages for serious spiritual aspirants,
  • Postal and E-Vedanta Courses and Bhagvad Geeta Courses for those who wish to study the scriptures from home, and
  • Courses in Classical Music and Dance at Chinmaya Naada Bindu, a Gurukul for Indian Performing Arts.

This goal of empowering society through spirituality is summarized in the Chinmya Mission Statement:

“To provide to individuals, from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become a positive contributor to the society.”

Come, study, serve and grow with Chinmaya Mission and discover your role in giving maximum happiness to maximum people for the maximum time.

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