My Transformation Transforms Nation

 iTransform Workshops are the 2nd Phase of the National Movement -“Transforming Indians to Transform India“. Participants go through 7 Levels of Transformation – Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Cultural, Patriotic & Universal, through workshops which are interactive with video clips, activities, quiz etc.

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We dream of a Prosperous and a Just India.

We seek a united and truly educated India.

We need a corruption-free and efficient India.

Everyone thinks about what they need from India.

Have we ever thought what India needs from us?

If I need a new India, India needs a new me.

India is what we the people make it.

5 decades of independence, more than 10000 years of recorded history, more than 1 billion people, 686 districts, and one Nation – a Nation still awaiting a transformation – not in the laws and the roads merely, but in the very core of its existence, its very soul, its people.  

Transforming Indians to Transform India is an attempt by Chinmaya Mission to transform that core of the country with the vision… My Transformation Transforms Nation

We proudly present a 3-year National movement Transforming Indians to Transform India – a nationwide movement carried through in a quiz, written about in a book and lived by an entire country…

The movement has been launched on 15th August 2012, the nation has begun the Transformation. Many Indians are joining it. Join us in the Transformation. To know more about the movement, click here

Sign up now for the Transforming Indians to Transform India Movement.(It is closed for website updation.It will resume from March 2017)